About Us

Giving people freedom from their past problems and giving them the confidence to have the chance of a new revived and motivated future.


Lasting Differences is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that works within Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire; operating an outreach and in house service. We work with clients to prepare them for their next step. We recognise that one approach does not suit all. Lasting Differences offers a range of interventions that an individual can choose to engage with.


Our program helps client's build their confidence and esteem by giving them access to support and services for the help they need whether that be mental health, financial guidance, drug and alcohol, domestic abuse, offending behaviour, education, employment or community re-engagement support.


Our Process

Clients will initially work with a Key Worker to complete an initial assessment.  The assessment identifies barriers the client has. Which prevent them from engaging in healthy relationships with self and others and, interacting and contributing to a more cohesive, resilient and productive society.  The initial assessment forms the basis of their Pathway Plan, listing goals and interventions a client has chosen to engage with as part of their reintegration into community. Clients' Pathway Plan's are reviewed with relevant key workers from Lasting Differences and if applicable, wider supporting organisations, on a 3 monthly basis where revised or redefined goals, interventions and support systems are discussed and evaluated to keep the client focused and motivated to achieving their outcomes.


We work in close partnership with well established local and regional voluntary and statutory organisations to facilitate placements suited to the client’s needs, residence, hobbies and interests. Our contacts understand the aims and objectives of what we aim to achieve and work supportively and pro-actively with our clients to help them reach their destinations.

Nearing the end of the agreed period, we reassess the affect of impact and change that our programme has had on our clients and look at the overall measured affect it has had on breaking down their barriers we initially set out to address.  This forms our measurement of distance travelled and evaluates the effectiveness of our services.

Clients Pathway Plan Overview

Flow ChartInitial Client Information Form/MeetingInitial Assessment Rickter Scale Assessment with Client 1:1Invidual PathwayCounsellingCoachingConsultancyComplimentaryClient Rickter Scale ReviewsCompletion of ProgrammePost 6 and 12 Month Reviews

Companies that Work in Partnership with Lasting Differences CIC

Nottingham City Children Leaving Care Team

Bassetlaw County County Economic Development Team

Bassetlaw Food Bank

Mind Matters

Corporate Counsellors


Bassetlaw Action Centre

Churches Around Worksop


Women's Friendship