Rickter Scale

Lasting Differences CIC is a Soft Skill Practitioner.


As Soft Skill, Rickter Scale Licensed Practitioners we can measure the distance travelled of a client's journey from beginning to end, whilst empowering and giving individuals control and responsibility of their own Pathway Plan. Their Pathway Plan is directed towards supporting an individual’s progression/transition into further learning, employment and/or voluntary/community work.


Our initial assessment process is robust and holistic. It accounts for client's needs, aspirations, experiences and achievements. It also addresses individual’s barriers, both past and present, which prevents or procrastinates their progression to the next stage of their development. From the initial assessment, individuals are offered interventions they can engage with as part of their Pathway Plan. These interventions are made bespoke and individual to each person’s need.


We use the Rickter Scale as a way of reading 10 different aspects of the client's lives. The Key Worker gives the client the opportunity to each aspect. How it is effecting their life and how they would like to work on it to get better. We then ask the client to choose a number between 1 and 10 of where they are on the scale and also where they would like to be. The Key Worker and client will then discuss targets to be worked on for the Rickter Scale review, to proceed with improving the scores. The Key Worker and Client may have various targets each. They will meet to work on these targets if required between reviews.


During the time away from the client the Key Worker will input the results onto a computer, to track the results.


Rickter Scale Review and Completion of Programme

After a period of time the client and Key Worker will meet again to review progress. This will include asking how the client has felt over since the first review, if anything has changed and how the client wants to if at all improve more. After this they go through 10 different  life aspects again to see if the client feel they have improved or not and how they feel about this.




Companies that Work in Partnership with Lasting Differences CIC

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Bassetlaw County County Economic Development Team

Bassetlaw Food Bank

Mind Matters

Corporate Counsellors


Bassetlaw Action Centre

Churches Around Worksop


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