Past Client's Experiences

Bradley's Support


"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered at Lasting Differences. The convenience of where lasting Differences is situated is ideal for me and is within walking distance from my house. A friendly and reliable service that delivers exactly what you want."

John's Story


"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. As a result, I dreaded going into Further Education like some others I knew and so I went straight into employment instead. I soon found things difficult though and had no other option other than to go back to school. But Lasting Differences was not like school - it’s warm and receptive environment put me at my ease to learn immediately and the support given was just what I needed to help me succeed. I would definitely recommend Lasting Differences to anybody.

Thanks for working with me."

Angie's Support


"Training is on a 1:1 basis if you ask for it and this suits my needs.  I will be recommending this service to a lot of people."

Jacek's Support


"The staff are very helpful and friendly! I would recommend them to my friends. I'm very happy that I visited Lasting Differences and would definitely come again"

Becks' Story


Becks', as a teenager had life at her fingertips and everything to live for. That was until she fell into the wrong relationship and became the victim of her partner's abuse. After many years and scars from fighting for what Becks' thought was ‘love’ she finally awoke one day and managed to gain enough courage and strength to walk away, as damaged and frightened as she was. Little did she know, this was going to be one of her first steps towards freedom.


Whilst living under the power and control of her now ex-partner, Becks was subject to many sexual, physical, financial and emotional attacks which led her to lose all confidence and assertiveness in understanding what was right and wrong, to the extent where she ended up substituting food for Class A drugs, causing her to become addicted. As a consequence, she lost all sense of self, leaving nothing to display other than a damaged body, both on the inside and out. Out of sheer desperation, as tired and lethargic as she was, Becks managed to summon enough strength and courage from the abuse and drugs to crawl out of the den she was ensnared by and call to her mother for help, who knowing about Lasting Differences, brought her here for help.


Now, 1 year on, Becks has been through rehab and has come back from her experience as a renewed, refreshed and inspiring young woman. She has picked up the baton from where she left it as a teenager and is embracing life and its many opportunities. Becks is even now running a successful 12 week Combating Addiction Together programme in her home region and has just become engaged to a supportive, understanding and worthy young man. She has found her coping strategy and as a singer/songwriter uses this tool as a strategy for her release. She claims that if it wasn’t for Lasting Differences’ help, she would have lost her home and her children.


We are so proud of you Becks and believe you will continue progressing from strength to strength, empowering and inspiring others to overcome obstacles such as those you faced.

Companies that Work in Partnership with Lasting Differences CIC

Nottingham City Children Leaving Care Team

Bassetlaw County County Economic Development Team

Bassetlaw Food Bank

Mind Matters

Corporate Counsellors


Bassetlaw Action Centre

Churches Around Worksop


Women's Friendship