The Lasting Differences Team

Janette Hughes MSc MBPsS

Managing Director and Staff Development Lead


Working in previous careers with young people and adults, many of whom carried the woes of Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol and Offending issues around with them, it soon became apparent that many vulnerable individuals were losing hope and becoming disillusioned yet another organisation saw them as a statistic, not a person.  I set up Lasting Differences to embrace individual’s differences, restore hope and faith in their skills set and build better opportunities for them in which they can prosper, both personally and professionally.

Amy Pyott BA Hons

Managing Director and Business Development Lead


Having built up a successful reputation in both the statutory and voluntary sectors over the last 10 years, I soon became concerned that talented, gifted and skilled individuals from a range of backgrounds, cultures, ages etc. did not recognise, nor utilise their skills sets to their full advantage.  Instead many retreated to a life of depression, isolation and loneliness, poverty and debt, homelessness and teenage pregnancy and in some cases, abuse and neglect. I wanted to wake these individuals up so they could see in them what it was I could see in them but felt the organisations' I worked for restricted me, in remit, from doing so. Therefore, I set up Lasting Differences - to empower individuals to recognise and utilise their skills sets to the best of their advantage, eliminating the aforementioned issues so that they can lead a fulfilled, prosperous life.

Anna Follows BA Hons

Marketing and Events Developer


After training within the arts and with some personal struggles and along the way I have realised one of the most important thing in life is to help other people. I want to give something back after finding counselling and support has changed me for the better.


After starting as a volunteer for Lasting Differences CIC and becoming Marketing and Events Developer I have had the opportunity to help our company grow by building a new website, reaching out to new clients, companies and working with existing clients. Later within the year I will start my journey into training become a counsellor.


Companies that Work in Partnership with Lasting Differences CIC

Nottingham City Children Leaving Care Team

Bassetlaw County County Economic Development Team

Bassetlaw Food Bank

Mind Matters

Corporate Counsellors


Bassetlaw Action Centre

Churches Around Worksop


Women's Friendship