Who are Lasting Differences?

Giving people freedom from their past problems and giving them the confidence to have the chance of a new revived and motivated future.


Established by Janette Hughes MSc, MBPsS and Amy Pyott BA Hons Lasting Differences’ has been developed to address the inequalities reaching out to the most disadvantaged and marginalised individuals in society. Those who officials ‘see’ to be 'slipping through the net' – but who we see as being neglected and further isolated from mainstream society facing as a result, heightened barriers to employment, education, community activity and the social classes. Our clients feel their needs are not being met or supported by current services available to them. They claim services and their providers are irrelevant, judgemental and lack compassion and understanding towards their needs. They say these services are not willing to support or address their past issues, only their present day circumstances providing a mere ‘sticking plaster’ solution to their situations. Our clients have openly stated that they need something more – they need their root causes of issues addressing. Hearing their needs, we wanted to be a service that did address issues past and present, a service who actively and pro-actively listened to their clients, valued and took on board their feedback to help shape the effectiveness of our service with current and future clients.


Lasting Differences is a Community Interest Company working with 18-65 years on a 1:1 and small group basis, offering professional and client training, information, advice and guidance, coaching, consultancy, counselling and special educational need support, treatments and therapies to those living in Worksop, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.  We work with many clients and often support the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of society with multiple and complex needs. Our training and coaching, consultancy, counselling and additional services always strive to:


  • Raise client’s levels of health and wellbeing (confidence, esteem and worth)
  • Empower clients to take back responsibility and control of their own lives based on impartial information, advice and guidance.
  • Encourage clients to Identify, recognise and implement positive coping strategies that break down barriers that stagnate their development.
  • Improve client’s skills sets through a variety of interventions and opportunities.
  • Provide pathways for clients that support their transition to prepare for employment, further learning and/or community activity.


Clients can self-refer or be referred to Lasting Differences by another organisation’s service at any time, across any local regional border, irrespective of background, sex, race, culture, sexual orientation.

We will initially complete an initial assessment with a client at our first meeting.  This assessment addresses the needs, wants, dreams, aspirations, fears, hopes and opportunities of a client and lists interventions a client has chosen to engage with to help them achieve their goal to prepare for employment, further learning and/or community activity.


Lasting Differences CIC Stages

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Flow ChartInitial Client Information Form/MeetingInitial Assessment Rickter Scale Assessment with Client 1:1Invidual PathwayCounsellingCoachingConsultancyComplimentaryClient Rickter Scale ReviewsCompletion of ProgrammePost 6 and 12 Month Reviews


Giving people freedom from their past problems and giving them the confidence to have the chance of a new revived and motivated future.


Lasting Differences CIC was developed in July 2015 with our official mission beginning October 2015. Lasting Differences was originally established as a Company that offered Training, Consultancy and Counselling services to privately paying and non paying clients. In February 2016, we were awarded a small grant to deliver employability training and work placements to individuals who wanted to change career direction, reinvest skills into the community following retirement or learn new skills following redundancy.


As we began operating, we soon found that our client base and those who needed our support were not from this client base. We found they were from the most disadvantaged, marginalized, vulnerable groups in society. We found our to have deep rooted, multiple and complex needs with their only normal functioning activity. Many of them were reliant on drug and alcohol misuse, abuse and self-harm. Working in partnership with clients we found they faced a range of barriers that affected their progression into employment, further learning and community/voluntary work.


As we operated we found we were not going to meet their demands. We spoke to our funders and changed our direction. They supported us in carrying out a pilot with our new-found client base. Therefore, Lasting Differences became a Soft Skills provider, changing its direction from being a predominant Training Services provider.


We wanted to run an effective Company, relative, supportive and understanding of clients’ needs - one that raised clients’ aspirations and levels of health and well being – confidence, worth and esteem, and one that gave clients opportunities to recognize and utilize their unique skills sets to their advantage and for the greater good of the community. Coupled with this and our previous career histories both Janette and I believed we had found enough evidence and need to deliver a Soft Skills service.


Companies that Work in Partnership with Lasting Differences CIC

Nottingham City Children Leaving Care Team

Bassetlaw County County Economic Development Team

Bassetlaw Food Bank

Mind Matters

Corporate Counsellors


Bassetlaw Action Centre

Churches Around Worksop


Women's Friendship